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Rabbi and Rebbetzin Corner April 2024

Rabbi and Rebbetzin Corner April 2024

By Eric Carlson in 04_2024_2, newsletter-post on April 1, 2024

Shalom Mishpocha,

April has arrived, spring has finally sprung, and we’re enjoying some of the best weather and temperatures of the year! The month of April gets its name from the Latin word “aperio”, meaning “to open [bud],” because plants are really beginning to grow and bud now. April 1 is “April Fools’ Day”. The Julien Calendar marked the New Year April 1st. When Pope Gregory shifted to the Gregorian calendar in 1582 he moved the New Year to January 1st. Many continued to celebrate the New Year on April 1st and thus were referred to as “April Fools” because they weren’t celebrating the New Year on January 1st.

The New Year is also upon us (5784)! We look forward to restarting both the Biblical Calendar and the Annual Moedim (Feast Day) Cycle! The biblical New Year begins Monday, April 8th, 2024 at Sunset after the Solar Eclipse starting at 1:50 PM. The path of that eclipse will cross over seven U.S. locations named “Ninevah”:

-Nineveh, Texas, -Nineveh, Missouri, -Nineveh, Indiana, -Nineveh, Ohio, -Nineveh, Pennsylvania, -Nineveh, Virginia, -Nineveh, New York, The eclipse will also cross over a location named “Ninevah” in the province of Nova Scotia in Canada and Jonah Tx.

It’s believed that a solar eclipse happened at the same time Jonah was in Ninevah warning the population that the city would be destroyed. Clearly, we must take note and seek Adonai like never before in Prayer, Fasting, and Repentance, HE is speaking to us!

The redemption of Israel from slavery in Egypt occurred this month, Sunday, April 21st, 2024 at sunset (14th of Nisan). The world was delivered from the slavery of Sin in the same month through the Messiah who was born on the 1st of Nisan. Happy Birthday Yeshua!!! Yeshua was also crucified on the 14th of Nisan during Pesach.

In preparation for celebrating Pesach (Passover) its time for spring cleaning to get rid of the Leaven. Leavening in Hebrew is Hametz. Leavening or Hametz is yeast. Contrary to Orthodox Judaism, Baking Soda and Baking Powder are not leavening agents! Yeast is alive, a fungi that is found in nature from spores and pollen. The Egyptians fermented beer and we fermented wine in biblical times by pouring either the brew or pressed wine in outside vats where these spores, pollen, would fall or be blown into the liquid forming yeast. The cells (at the right temperature) begin to split leaving alcohol and carbon as a byproduct hence the tiny bubbles found in bread, and the fermentation and alcohol process in wine and beer. This is also how chesses (Swiss, Blue Cheese, etc…) are made. By fermentation through Hametz or leavening! One yeast cell is about the size of a human blood cell. Just a few thousand yeast cells, barely visible with the naked eye, will completely consume one pound of bread dough in about 2-3 hours. The process is absolutely miraculous but remember, once the dough has been exposed you cannot contain the yeast or hametz to a limited piece of the dough, the entire mixture is exposed and will be leavened-quickly and again, completely destroyed if the dough isn’t baked. For Pesach (Passover) we are commanded to eat Matzah and not have hametz (yeast) in our homes for seven days.

Exodus 12:17-20. You are to observe the festival of matzah, for on this very day I brought your divisions out of the land of Egypt. Therefore, you are to observe this day from generation to generation by a perpetual regulation. 18 From the evening of the fourteenth day of the first month until the evening of the twenty-first day, you are to eat matzah. 19 During those seven days, no leaven is to be found in your houses. Whoever eats food with hametz in it is to be cut off from the community of Isra’el – it doesn’t matter whether he is a foreigner or a citizen of the land. 20 Eat nothing with hametz in it. Wherever you live, eat matzah.'”

This is a powerful teaching tool as sin is referenced to hametz! As we search our home to remove the hametz we are to search ourselves to remove all sin, so we won’t be destroyed. False teachings are also referred to as leaven.

I Corinthians 5:6-8. Your boasting is not good. Don’t you know the saying, “It takes only a little hametz to leaven a whole batch of dough?” 7 Get rid of the old hametz, so that you can be a new batch of dough, because in reality you are unleavened. For our Pesach lamb, the Messiah, has been sacrificed. 8 So let us celebrate the Seder not with leftover hametz, the hametz of wickedness and evil, but with the matzah of purity and truth.

The need to Shamar, to observe, to guard the biblical new year and associated feasts and cycles is crystal clear. The cycle is repetitive yet not identical from year to year, it’s helical! We repeat the cycle, but it’s an upward spiral drawing us closer to Adonai! We stream towards the return of Messiah and the establishment of God’s Kingdom and timeline upon the earth, upon all humanity! The seed of redemption and salvation has already been sown, we need only study and review the year to see the supernatural within it!

May you have a blessed, prosperous, and supernatural New Year! May His presence be with you as you celebrated Pesach (Passover).

Cha Sameach and Blessings,

Rabbi and Rebbetzin Carlson