For Zion's Sake I will not be silent, for Jerusalem's sake I will not rest, until her vindication shines out brightly and her salvation like a blazing torch. - Isaiah 62:1 (CJB)

Our Calling

Congregation Zion's Sake is called to spread the "Good News" of the Jewish Messiah according to the Law of Evangelism: to the Jew first  - Romans 1:16

  • To provoke the Jewish people to jealousy.
  • To reach the lost and hurting through the Love of Messiah.
  • To feed the starving and clothe the naked in Newport News, Virginia, America, and the Nations.

Our core values: Genesis 1:1- Revelation 22:21.

Congregation Zion's Sake
1233 Shields Road
Newport News, VA 23608
P: (757) 874-3303
F: (757) 874-2040
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