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Pesach (Passover)

Pesach (Passover)

By Eric Carlson on April 1, 2024

Exodus 12:1-6. ADONAI spoke to Moshe and Aharon in the land of Egypt; he said, 2 “You are to begin your calendar with this month; it will be the first month of the year for you. 3 Speak to all the assembly of Isra’el and say, ‘On the tenth day of this month, each man is to take a lamb or kid for his family, one per household – 4 except that if the household is too small for a whole lamb or kid, then he and his next-door neighbor should share one, dividing it in proportion to the number of people eating it.(Fellowship) 5 Your animal must be without defect, a male in its first year, and you may choose it from either the sheep or the goats. 6 “‘You are to keep it until the fourteenth day of the month, and then the entire assembly of the community of Isra’el will slaughter it at dusk.

The New Year and Calendar scripture includes the references for when to begin Pesach/Passover which marks the start of the annual Feast Day cycle. The 1st of Nisan is Monday April 8th at sunset. God is following His own calendar and timeline which is the prophetic clock for the Kingdom. Follow the life of Yeshua and you’ll see that He also followed the feast day cycle starting with Pesach.

God created human beings in His image to have an intimate, loving, and obedient relationship with Him. Instead, humanity rebelled, people chose (remember He made us with free will) their own way instead of God’s way and still do today! There was a myriad of worship done on Sunday, March 31st that was performed according to people’s religious rituals, traditions, desires, and pleasures vice God’s. The name of such rebellion is called SIN and the penalty of Sin is death. Not only cessation of life as you know it now but eternal, everlasting separation from God. However, God who is merciful, full of chessed (grace), and Who is Just desired to provide humanity redemption, salvation from death and eternal separation from God that we have neither earned nor deserve.

First, He gave us His Torah, (literally teachings, instructions that hit the mark) to make known His standards for righteousness, holiness, and purity. Second, through the judges, kings, Nevi’im-prophets, He encouraged and disciplined us while promising our final salvation! Third, that redemption and salvation would come through the one known as the “Anointed One”, “Mashiach”, “Christo’s” in the Greek. This is the first core foundation of the Pesach Seder which we will perform together Sunday evening, April 21st 2024. God commands us to observe His timeline and calendar:

Deuteronomy 16:1. “Observe the month of Aviv (Shamor: Guard, safeguard, observe, protect, perform. et-chodesh ha’Aviv), and keep Pesach to ADONAI your God; for in the month of Aviv, ADONAI your God brought you out of Egypt at night.

We are ordered to guard/safeguard the head of the month, the new year, God’s calendar. It’s critical that we synchronize and align ourselves with God’s official timeline in both our current worlds and in the world to come. This synchronization is the key component to prophecy and eschatology, it defines where we are at in God’s timeline! He desires us to safeguard, observe, protect, and perform His calendar, to remember the head of the New Year the determine when His Moedim, His Feast Days begin! Various names and titles have been ascribed to the month of Nisan and the start of the Feast Day Cycle:

Chodesh Ha-Aviv (חדֶשׁ הָאָבִיב), “the month of spring,” so named because it marked the time of the Exodus from Egypt. We are commanded to remember:

Exodus 13:3-4. Moshe said to the people, “Remember (Zachor: remember, recall, to cause to remember, remind, keep in remembrance, make a memorial) this day, on which you left Egypt, the abode of slavery; because ADONAI, by the strength of his hand, has brought you out of this place. Do not eat hametz. 4 You are leaving today, in the month of Aviv.

We are not to show up before Adonai Empty handed hence the Shelamim offering:

Exodus 23:15. Keep the festival of matzah: for seven days, as I ordered you, you are to eat matzah at the time determined in the month of Aviv; for it was in that month that you left Egypt. No one is to appear before me empty-handed.

Let us remember, the only place the word records the term: Ten Commandments is in:

Exodus 34:28. Moshe was there with ADONAI forty days and forty nights, during which time he neither ate food nor drank water. [ADONAI] wrote on the tablets the words of the covenant, the Ten Words.

Observing, honoring, guarding, and keeping the Festival of Matzah is one of the Ten Commandments:

Exodus 34:18. “Keep the festival of matzah by eating matzah, as I ordered you, for seven days during the month of Aviv; for it was in the month of Aviv that you came out from Egypt

Its crystal clear that God see’s the month of Aviv, or Nisan as the Month of salvation and redemption. The Babylonian Talmud written in the Babylonian Diaspora or captivity gives a profound Messianic Statement over 400 years before the birth of Yeshua: “In Nisan our forefathers were redeemed from Egypt and in Nisan we will be redeemed.”

This is why it’s so critical for us too Zachor, to remember! He redeemed us from slavery in Egypt at Pesach and redeemed all Human Kind through Mashiach, Christ, His Son during the SAME EXACT FESTIVAL! The month of Nisan is also called Chodesh ha-Yeshuah, the “month of salvation”. Israel was physically delivered from Slavery in Egypt in the month of Nisan and Spiritually Delivered from the slavery of Sin in the same month through the Messiah who was also crucified on the stake on Nisan 14th (Pesach-Passover).

The exact same day the Angel of Death Pesach (Passed over) our door lintels marked with lambs blood in Egypt, God’s Pesach Lamb, Yeshua’s death would conquer death. His blood upon our hearts makes death Pesach (pass over) us forever! All during Pesach! The rabbits, eggs, and candy are distractions from the truth! The enemy doesn’t want you to know the Truth because the Truth sets you free! We’re commanded not to succumb to these behaviors:

Exodus 34:12-14. Be careful not to make a covenant with the people living in the land where you are going, so that they won’t become a snare within your own borders. 13 Rather, you are to demolish their altars, smash their standing-stones and cut down their sacred poles; 14 because you are not to bow down to any other god; since ADONAI -whose very name is Jealous -is a jealous God.

We witness a heavenly ordained Cycle of Time. Biblical thought regards time not in a linear, flat pattern but a spiral type of “helix,” in a limitless forward and upward progression driven by a divine, cyclical pattern that repeats (Mishna) certain divine patterns in weeks, months, and years of life such as the Moediem or Feast Days beginning with the weekly Shabbat through the annual feast days. This can be seen in the Hebrew language itself. The Hebrew word for “year” – shanah – shares the same root as both the word “repeat” Shenen and the word “change” Sheenoo.

The “Biblical New Year” is one of “repetition” – mishnah in the Hebrew; to study and review shares the same root word “shanah. The annual Moedim, the Feast Day Cycles are an all-inclusive Mishnah, a study and review” of the key prophetic events of the past, present, and prophetic future. We repeat and relive these events to bring the pattern into our present world and lives to teach our children and prepare for the future, the coming prophetic events of God which include a much larger Israel, an Israel that has wild branches grafted in according to Romans 11 who are joint citizens with the House of Israel, joint heirs, joint partakers according to Ephesians 2 and Galatians 3!

The need to Shamar or guard the biblical new year and associated feasts and cycles becomes even more critical now that we realize God is still moving according to His calendar and patterns, year to year, as we stream towards the return of Messiah and the establishment of His Kingdom here upon the earth and all humanity! For those like me who seek revival, who seek Gods outpouring upon all humanity, those who are praying, interceding, and crying out for an awakening upon our great nation, for those who are praying for the restoration and revival of Israel both the land and the people we need look no further then Pesach. Passover was a sign, a mark, a transition, a paradigm shift, a spiritual shift when King Hezekiah, king of Judah from 728BC – 686 B.C., brought Israel back to God from a period of Idolatry and sin such as our country is experiencing today.

II Chronicles 29:6-10. For our ancestors acted treacherously, they did what is evil from the perspective of ADONAI our God, they abandoned him, they turned their faces away from where ADONAI lives and turned their backs on him. 7 They sealed the doors of the vestibule, put out the lamps and stopped burning incense and offering burnt offerings in the Holy Place to the God of Isra’el. 8 “Because of this, ADONAI’s anger has settled on Y’hudah and Yerushalayim; and he has made them an object of horror, astonishment and mocking – as you can see with your own eyes. 9 Here, our ancestors have fallen by the sword; and on this account our sons, daughters and wives have gone into captivity. 10 “Now it is in my heart to make a covenant with ADONAI the God of Isra’el, so that his furious anger will turn away from us.

This event is after Israel, the northern ten tribes, had already been conquered by Assyria, taken into captivity with a majority of the people removed from the land. King Hezekiah sent messengers inviting the remnant to return to the Lord.

II Chronicles 30:6. 6 So runners went with the letters from the king and his officers throughout all Isra’el and Y’hudah. They conveyed the king’s order: “People of Isra’el! Turn back to Adonai, the God of Avraham, Yitz’chak and Ya‘akov! Then he will return to those of you who remain, who escaped capture by the kings of Ashur.

This is about fellowship, another core foundation of Pesach is fellowship both within families and in the greater Kehillah! Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy discuss Fellowship offerings! He desires our fellowship between you He, and amongst us! The King is calling all the people back into God’s presence, into fellowship with Him and with each other! All done through Pesach!

II Chronicles 30:10-13. 10 So the runners passed from city to city through the territory of Efrayim and M’nasheh, as far as Z’vulun; but the people laughed at them and made fun of them. 11 Nevertheless, some from Asher, M’nasheh and Z’vulun were humble enough to come to Yerushalayim. 12 Also in Y’hudah the hand of God was at work, uniting their hearts to do what the king and the leaders had ordered in accordance with the word of Adonai. 13 Thus, many people assembled in Yerushalayim to keep the festival of Matzot in the second month, a huge crowd.

By the time they got the Temple cleansed and ready they were a month late while most of them had not been purified or sanctified for service. But God see’s and honors the humble and contrite heart that seeks and desires His Presence, even if the pattern isn’t completely correct…

II Chronicles 30:18-23. 18 For a large number of the people, especially from Efrayim, M’nasheh, Yissakhar and Z’vulun, had not cleansed themselves but ate the Pesach lamb anyway, despite what is written. For Hizkiyahu had prayed for them, “May Adonai, who is good, pardon 19 everyone who sets his heart on seeking God, Adonai, the God of his ancestors, even if he hasn’t undergone the purification prescribed in connection with holy things.” 20 Adonai heard Hizkiyahu and healed the people. 21 The people of Isra’el there in Yerushalayim observed the festival of Matzot for seven days with great joy; while every day the L’vi’im and cohanim praised Adonai, singing to Adonai with the accompaniment of loud instruments. 22 Hizkiyahu spoke encouragingly to all the L’vi’im who were well skilled in the service of Adonai. Thus they ate throughout the festival for the seven days, offering sacrifices of peace offerings and giving thanks to Adonai, the God of their ancestors. 23 Then the whole assembly decided to celebrate for yet another seven days, and they observed those seven days too with joy.

The power of God is released and with Great Joy, Israel continued the celebration for another week. They are in one accord, zealous for God, and humbling turning back to Him while also destroying the altars and Asherah poles of idolatry. And when the King prayed for them, THEY WERE HEALED!!!!!

II Chronicles 30:25-26. 25 All the people who had assembled from Y’hudah rejoiced, as did the cohanim and L’vi’im, those assembled from Isra’el, and the foreigners who had come from the territory of Isra’el or who lived in Y’hudah. 26 So there was great joy in Yerushalayim; for since the time of Shlomo the son of David, king of Isra’el, there had been nothing like it in Yerushalayim.

This profound act of fellowship results in revival, outpourings, with signs and wonders! In Hezekiah’s day they were healed, the continued the celebration for another seven days! They hadn’t experienced the presence of God like this since the time of King Solomon. The power of fellowship is directly carried through the Feast Days onto Shavuot in the Brit Chadesha:

Acts 2:42-44. They continued faithfully in the teaching of the emissaries, in fellowship (koinonia {koy-nohn-ee’-ah}: fellowship, association, community, participation, intimacy) in breaking bread and in the prayers. 43 Everyone was filled with awe, and many miracles and signs took place through the emissaries. 44 All those trusting in Yeshua stayed together and had everything in common;

May we experience that same supernatural unity, fellowship, with His presence, with an outpouring of His Spirit that results in supernatural healings as we celebrate Pesach this year! May His Glory be revealed to all!!!


Rabbi Eric S Carlson!