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Prevent Truth Decay

Prevent Truth Decay

By Eric Carlson on July 1, 2022

From the book “Understanding the Difficult Words of Jesus” Authors David Blivin’s and Roy Blizzard Jr. “The more Hebraic the saying or teaching of Yeshua the more difficult it is to understand….Most of Yeshua’s sayings are Hebrew idioms which do not translate into Greek”  The synoptic Gospels are derived from original Hebrew texts. Hebraic Idioms become meaningless when translated into Greek then English. In spite of the fact that some of the letters were initially written in Greek, the background and setting is thoroughly Hebrew. The writers are Hebrew, the culture is Hebrew, the religion is Hebrew, the traditions are Hebrew, and the concepts are Hebrew.  The Old Testament is 78% of the bible and the New Testament is 22%. Of course, the Tanach, the Old Testament is Hebrew and 43% of the New Testament was written originally in Hebrew, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and Acts 1-15 which is 43% of the New Testament, of the entire Bible, 88% is written in Hebrew! If you subtract the 176 quotations in the Brait Chadesha, the New Testament taken from the Tanach, the Old Testament, the Hebrew portion rises to 90%. Wonder why all this Greek stuff doesn’t make any sense, Its all Greek to me!

Eusebius stated emphatically that Matthew was written in Hebrew then translated to Greek. Jerome stated in 400 AD that all of Matthew was written in Hebrew and that in his time the original text still survived at the library in Caesarea. Jerome lived that last 31 years of his life in Jerusalem as he wanted to be closer to Adonai and read the original text in Hebrew. This original copy was destroyed when the library burned down in the great 4th century earthquake! This then reveals why the term Jehovah is never found in scripture and is actually a dangerous term to use.

Let’s break down the term Jehovah.  Je is Germanic/Latin for the Hebrew Yah.  There is no “J” in the Hebrew language, so the Germanic Latin equivalent of the vowel “Y” is “J”. Hova is a Hebrew word that means ruin/destroy (Strong’s Ref# 1943). Every time you say Jehovah Your saying God Destroys!  Jehovah Jira-God ruins/destroys my provision, Jehovah Perizim-God ruins/destroys my breakthrough! The term Jehovah was invented by a German scribe in the 16th century when unsure of how to correctly translate Yah from the Hebrew Text.

I Peter 3:10 – For “Whoever wants to love life and see good days must keep his tongue from evil and his lips from speaking deceit.

We must use caution in what we use as resources in the Kingdom, deception abounds! This is critical as Father desires those who will worship Him in Spirit and Truth!