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Rabbi and Rebbetzin’s Corner May 2022

Rabbi and Rebbetzin’s Corner May 2022

By Eric Carlson on April 28, 2022

Shalom Congregation Zion’s Sake Mishpocha!


I wish to thank Rebbitzen for all her hard work and efforts in securing the hotel, catering, and D.J. for our 1st of Nisan celebration and our Community Passover Seder last month! The presence of Adonai was powerful at these fellowships! Those who attended already know what a supernatural time it was at both events! As we enter the month of May we enjoy the beautiful springtime! The leaves of the trees are fully out, the flowers are blooming, and the weather is fantastic with mild temperatures before the oppressive heat and humidity of summer arrive!

Song of Solomon 2:11-12. For you see that the winter has passed, the rain is finished and gone, 12 the flowers are appearing in the countryside, the time has come for [the birds] to sing, and the cooing of doves can be heard in the land.

Springtime is about renewal, it’s the season of new beginnings and awakenings. We celebrated Pesach and Matzah last month! Celebrating and commemorating Yeshua’s death and resurrection, he defeated death and gave us eternal life! In Yeshua we have our own, personal renewal and spiritual awakening! A spiritual awakening is a profound awareness of our spiritual reality. Your reticular activation system (RAS) goes into overdrive!  The reality has been there all along, you just hadn’t seen it before!  When we have a spiritual awakening, we literally “wake up” to Kingdom life.  The immediate results of Spiritual Awakenings are profound, we seek truth, question things not reconciled to scripture, while questioning, even challenging the rituals, beliefs, traditions, and ideas of manmade religion!  We are awakened to the reality that there is so much more in our walk and life with Adonai, His Son Yeshua, The Ruach HaKodesh, and His word then the whitewashed façade that many have been taught in religion! We earnestly seek to worship Adonai in Spirit and Truth!

A spiritual awakening is a personal resurrection from spiritual death. We must be roused, wakened, resurrected spiritually as individuals first! Adonai is pouring out His Spirit allowing us the opportunity as individuals, as a congregation, as a movement, even as a nation to do His will and work in pursuing a global supernatural Spiritual Awakening and revival. As Yeshua said regarding the Kingdom of God in:

John 3:3. “Yes, indeed,” Yeshua answered him, “I tell you that unless a person is born again he cannot see the Kingdom of God.”

When we are born again our soul, our spirit yearns for something more, the deeper, more intimate aspects of the Kingdom, a spiritual awakening. As it grows and expands, the soul and spirit move into untapped areas that draw us closer to Adonai! Why is this necessary now? Why must we be awakened? A dark storm is approaching, and few are prepared! We are on the threshold of witnessing, of experiencing the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy as we enter the last days. Those who are awakened and prepare their hearts will persevere through the storm. Those who don’t may fall victim to the deception, desolation, and destruction of HaSatan as he attempts to thwart the plans of God. Sha’ul shared encouraging words about the trials and storms he suffered in:

II Corinthians 18-10. For, brothers, we want you to know about the trials we have undergone in the province of Asia. The burden laid on us was so far beyond what we could bear that we even despaired of living through it. 9 In our hearts we felt we were under sentence of death. However, this was to get us to rely not on ourselves but on God, who raises the dead! 10 He rescued us from such deadly peril, and he will rescue us again! The one in whom we have placed our hope will indeed continue to rescue us

Dark days lay ahead but it will be our greatest hour of awakening and revival, a critical time for us to expand the Kingdom of God! We too must rely on the God who raises the dead! He will protect and defend us! There is a supernatural purpose in all this:

  • Adonai wants to send an awakening upon all humanity on a scale that has never been seen before! Life from the Dead, that the World may know! All distractions will be removed that Adonai may get people’s attention! Adversity is the womb of revival!

  • Adonai is building His Messianic Community to be both a dwelling place and a powerhouse of His presence, with His dunamis power that we may once again move in supernatural signs and wonders! We are being raised up to our place of leadership in the greater body just as it was in the beginning! To lead and teach His people, Yeshua’s bride, the body of Messiah to righteousness and holiness as the sons and daughters of Tzadok!

Now is the time to be Spiritually Awakened to the hour and be aware of what Adonai is doing! I believe Adonai has had us hidden, incognito, in preparation for such a time as this! To be the light sent from heaven to turn the people back to Him in righteousness! We must be actively engaged in prayer, fasting, removing all distractions and obstacles that hinders God’s presence and voice. It means shifting your schedule, placing prayer to a place of prominence in your daily routine. It means increased time in the word to facilitate and anchor that prayer. It means dying to your flesh, praying the Will of Adonai. Its disciplined, effective, and habitual.  It’s not liturgical or religious, its fresh manna daily from heaven. Our prayers are that you will have your own “Road to Damascus” encounter this month with the Most-High God, a Spiritual Awakening as we count down the Omer to Shavuot with anticipation and expectation!

Blessings and Shalom