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By Eric Carlson on February 1, 2024

We’re experiencing the profound presence of our mighty God yet we are not necessarily moving into new areas as much as the Lord is teaching us to rebuild that which has fallen; or in many cases has been rejected by religion including both Judaism and Christianity! It’s interesting that both streams, Judaism and Christianity have spirit led branches, the Lubavitcher’s and the Pentecostals or Charismatics. Both move in the Spirit, one rejects Yeshua the other half the bible! Neither walk in the fullness of what God desires and requires rebuilding the ancient foundations and repair the breeches.

Amos 9:11. “When that day comes, I will raise (Ya’kum: arise, stand, rise up, stand up, confirm, establish, fixed, ratified) up the fallen (Naphal: to fall, fallen, overthrown, divided) sukkah of David. I will close up its gaps (perets {peh’-rets} breach, gap,broken walls) raise up its ruins and rebuild it as it used to be,

The term “Fallen Tabernacle, Sukkah, or Tabernacle of David” reveals a complex restoration and rebuild of what God desires for His Kehillat, His bride, the Ecclesia! The Sukkah, Tabernacle, or Mishkan was the dwelling place of God’s presence in Temple Days. The root word of both is Shakan; Where God’s Shekinah (divine Glory/Presence) resides. A place where God is sought out for His presence, His wisdom, His power, His strength, His majesty! The world will seek Him out. Adonai says I will raise up this fallen place, this place will be restored in the time and seasons to come, today.

The same root word is also found in mishpocha, family, the family of David. The sages view Amos 9:11 as a Messianic Reference concerning Messiah! What’s being raised up by Adonai, what’s being restored? It’s the line, the family of David so we know it’s both Jewish and Messianic! No glorious Church or Synagogue being raised up, but a Messianic Jewish Family, a Kehillat, Ecclesia! A family, a group of people that move, operate, worship, and pray as one despite their cultural and racial differences, Jew and Gentile will be family! This family repairs the breach, the gap, the division between Jew and Gentile. It brings the children of God together as one family, Echad Mishpocha!

The second is the Mishkan, the Tabernacle, the Sukkah, which is a place of meeting Adonai, a place of worship! True Davidic worship, remember David is a man after God’s own heart! David was first and foremost recognized for His worship ability with the harp! It calmed Saul! David, the mighty warrior, the future King of Israel, and a person who spoke with Adonai was renowned for His worship of Him! His heart of worship, trust, and walk with God is what garnered Gods attention to begin with!

Third, when David became King of a unified nation of Israel, of all twelve tribes, his heart’s desire, his first act was to fulfill God’s desire. Restoring the presence of God back into the center, into the midst of Israel! David yearned for God’s presence! Israel is surrounded by enemies and rebel states; her national security is at a high risk, but David is focused on God!

I Chronicles 13:1-3. David consulted with the commanders of thousands and of hundreds – with every leader. 2 Then David said to the entire assembly of Isra’el, “If it seems good to you, and if it is the will of ADONAI our God, let’s send messengers to the rest of our kinsmen in the land of Isra’el, and also to the cohanim and L’vi’im in their cities with surrounding open land, asking them to join us; 3 and let’s bring back the ark of our God to ourselves, since we didn’t go after it when Sha’ul was king.”

The Ark contained a jar of Manna and the stone ruble of the Ten Commandments. The lid of the Ark, called the mercy seat with two angels on it is where God’s presence dwelled! The Ark represented all that God is, His Majesty, His power, His Strength, His authority, His Holiness, His Glory, His righteous character was with the Ark which they wanted in their midst. The Glory of God descended when Moshe erected and completed the Mishkan!

Exodus 40:33-35. Finally, he erected the courtyard around the tabernacle and the altar and set up the screen for the entrance to the courtyard. 34 Then the cloud covered the tent of meeting, and the glory of ADONAI filled the tabernacle. 35 Moshe was unable to enter the tent of meeting, because the cloud remained on it, and the glory of ADONAI filled the tabernacle.

The fullness of God’s glory was revealed in the Ark. And this Ark was merely a replica of God’s actual Throne in Heaven. The details of the pattern were critical as God warned:

Hebrews 8:5. But what they are serving is only a copy and shadow of the heavenly original; for when Moshe was about to erect the Tent, God warned him, “See to it that you make everything according to the pattern you were shown on the mountain.”

The original in Heaven is where the ” Seraphim of the Glory” covered the throne, they constantly call out to one another “Holy, holy, holy is ADONAI-Tzva’ot; the whole earth is filled with His glory”!

Isaiah 6:1-4. It was in the year King Uzziah died that I saw the Lord. He was sitting on a lofty throne, and the train of his robe filled the Temple. 2 Attending him were mighty seraphim, each having six wings. With two wings they covered their faces, with two they covered their feet, and with two they flew. 3 They were calling out to each other, “Holy, holy, holy is the LORD of Heaven’s Armies! The whole earth is filled with his glory!” 4 Their voices shook the Temple to its foundations, and the entire building was filled with smoke.

What the Ark provided was communion, fellowship, and communication with Adonai! It revealed His majesty, glory, strength, and power to ALL! It was the place to worship Him, to exalt, to praise Him! It was where you could see God’s presence! The cloud like pillar during the day and the fire like column at night! It was a hiding place, a place of security and comfort, a place of victory, a revelation of His Glory and when carried into battle by Israel a warrior! This was David’s Tabernacle, David’s Sukkah. We must understand and comprehend all this to know what the Ark meant to both Israel and David! We begin to understand David’s great, heartfelt drive and desire to bring God’s presence back among his people. But it wasn’t easy. At first their methods were wrong! God warned them back in Exodus to follow the plan!

II Samuel 6:2-9. Then David, taking along the entire force he had with him then, set out for Ba’alei-Y’hudah to bring up from there the ark of God, which bears the Name, the name of ADONAI Tzva’ot enthroned above the k’ruvim. 3 They set the ark of God on a new cart and brought it out of the house of Avinadav on the hill, with ‘Uzah and Achyo, the sons of Avinadav, driving the new cart. 4 They led it from the house of Avinadav on the hill, with the ark of God; Achyo walked in front of the ark. 5 David and the whole house of Isra’el celebrated in the presence of ADONAI with all kinds of musical instruments made of cypress-wood, including lyres, lutes, tambourines, rattles and cymbals. 6 When they arrived at Nakhon’s threshing-floor, the oxen stumbled; and ‘Uzah put out his hand to steady the ark of God. 7 But ADONAI’s anger blazed up against ‘Uzah, and God struck him down on the spot for his offense, so that he died there by the ark of God. 8 It upset David that ADONAI had broken out against ‘Uzah; that place has been called Peretz-‘Uzah [breaking-out of ‘Uzah] ever since. 9 David was frightened of ADONAI that day; he asked, “How can the ark of ADONAI come to me?”

David’s first attempt to bring back the Ark failed, miserably! Even though he consulted both the Levites and priests he chose to follow the same method as the Philistines when they sent it back to Israel by putting the Ark on an Ox cart. When Uzah reaches out and touches the Ark to steady it when the oxen stumble, God became angry and struck him down dead, right on the spot. Remember, good intentions aren’t acceptable in approaching God. The mundane and Holy cannot intermix. David leaves the Ark at the house of Obed-Edom where it remained for three months, bringing great blessings to all his entire household.

Another lesson: David doesn’t keep attempting to return the Ark on an Ox Cart! We have a majority today in the body of Messiah that continue to do the same thing over and over and over again and expect different results! David pauses, seek God’s council and goes for a second attempt to bring God’s presence back to the people, the right way! Upon conferring with Adonai, David finds out the right way to bring the Ark, the presence of God back to Israel, the priests carry it!! Each one of these truths applies to us today!

The Presence of God will never be ushered or carried by a cart or any other vehicle or mundane mode of transport. The Ark, the presence of God must be carried on the shoulders of a consecrated priesthood who worships God’s glorious majesty:

I Chronicles 15:14-16. So the cohanim and L’vi’im consecrated themselves to bring up the ark of ADONAI the God of Isra’el; 15 and the L’vi’im carried the ark of God on their shoulders with the poles on it, as Moshe had ordered, according to what ADONAI had said. 16 David spoke to the chief of the L’vi’im to appoint their kinsmen to be singers making use of musical instruments – lutes, lyres and cymbals – to play loudly and raise sounds of joy.

Kol Simcha, voices of Joy! Though His presence hovers over the Ark He resides in the Praises of His people! The Messianic movement, the One New Man is the priesthood of all believers. The glory of the Lord will return in its fullness to a consecrated people, holy vessels who will once again carry it to the people:

I Peter 2:4-9. As you come to him, the living stone, rejected by people but chosen by God and precious to him, 5 you yourselves, as living stones, are being built into a spiritual house (oikos {oy’-kos}: inhabited home, the house or abode of God, the tabernacle, God’s dwelling place, family) to be cohanim (hierateuma {hee-er-at’-yoo-mah}: Priests, Priesthood) set apart for God to offer spiritual sacrifices acceptable to him through Yeshua the Messiah. 6 This is why the Tanakh says, “Look! I am laying in Tziyon a stone, a chosen and precious cornerstone; and whoever rests his trust on it will certainly not be humiliated.” 7 Now to you who keep trusting, he is precious. But to those who are not trusting, “The very stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone”; 8 also he is a stone that will make people stumble, a rock over which they will trip. They are stumbling at the Word, disobeying it (because the word wasn’t followed when Uzziah reached out to stable the ark he lost his life, they stumbled over the word that contained the pattern of how to move the ark-today the same plan is rejected or thrown away)– as had been planned. 9 But you are a chosen people, the King’s cohanim, a holy nation, a people for God to possess! Why? In order for you to declare the praises of the One who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.

Did you catch that? What God is restoring, what He is rebuilding is the Family of David, Davidic worship, the Tabernacle of David. God’s presence carried by you, a holy vessel, priests to declare His praises! Worshipping God’s Majesty, strength, power, and holiness in Trembling fear! You are the vessel to return the presence of God unto His people! We have yet another sign of the restoration and rebuilding that’s taking place that has many people flummoxed: Dance!!

II Samuel 6:14. Then David danced and spun around with abandon before ADONAI, wearing a linen ritual vest.

We, the One New Man, in complete unity with singlemindedness seek the return of God’s presence. We must be sanctified, set apart, holy vessels, we can only approach His presence with clean hands and a pure heart. We must be humble yet bold, repentance is the first step to acknowledge our past failures and hear God’s voice! Then God’s instructions, His pattern must be EXACTLY FOLLWED! Anything less results in death, no presence of God!

His holiness, majesty and splendor cannot be mixed with the mundane and unholy! Then, in trembling fear we become the abode, the Tabernacle of His presence! He is enthroned upon the praises of us, His people as we carry His presence while worshipping, dancing with abandon before Him, without restraint. Uninhibited by what people think or what you think people will think of you. It only matters what God thinks! And where is the Ark, the presence going?

I Chronicles 15:1. David erected buildings for himself in the City of David, prepared a place for the ark of God, and set up a tent for it.

The Ark, God’s presence required a new tent, a new mountain, a new wineskin for the new wine! God is preparing You, His people to be His dwelling place where He reveals His glory, but to carry His presence back to Israel (especially with the war against Hamas) and the nations! And what’s the price? Sacrifice, the fire, the Glory always falls on the sacrifice!

II Samuel 6:13. When those bearing the ark of ADONAI had gone only six paces, he sacrificed an ox and a fattened sheep.

The foundation of everything we do centers on sacrifice, the sacrifice of Yeshua, sacrifices of praise, the sacrifices we must make in order to come into the presence of Adonai and His holiness! The fire always falls upon the sacrifice! One more piece of the restoration of the Tabernacle of David is that all Israel, the King, the Army, the Levites, the Cohanim, the people were in complete unity, one accord, they all shared the same vision to bring back the Ark, the presence of God back among them! They did so in trembling fear of the Lord with great, joyous rejoicing and celebration.

What is the result? The presence of God restored among them, and it was open to all. The way into His presence has been opened by the blood of Yeshua! 24/7 Davidic praise and worship ensued, complete with many instruments, worship, songs of the spirit, music from heaven being released with such spontaneity that a special ministry of “recorder” was necessary to record them for us. Many of the psalms that you know of today were written there with complete, undivided unity, all Israel was Echad, the new tent, the new wine skin to receive the fresh fire, the new wine from heaven! God is rebuilding, restoring right now the Family, the worship the Tabernacle of David to reveal His Glory to those that have lost it and to those who never had it!

Amos 9:12-14. so that Isra’el can possess what is left of Edom and of all the nations bearing my name,” says ADONAI, who is doing this. 13 “The days will come,” says ADONAI, “when the plowman will overtake the reaper and the one treading grapes the one sowing seed. Sweet wine will drip down the mountains, and all the hills will flow with it. 14 I will restore the fortunes of my people Isra’el; they will rebuild and inhabit the ruined cities; they will plant vineyards and drink their wine, cultivate gardens and eat their fruit.

This is the rebuilding and establishment of the Messianic Era, the Messianic Kingdom! This results in this very powerful, very prophetic, and supernatural event:

Zechariah 8:23. (NIV) This is what the LORD Almighty says: “In those days ten people from all languages and nations will take firm hold of one Jew by the hem of his robe and say, ‘Let us go with you, because we have heard that God is with you.’”

The ten people do so because God is with us, His presence is with us! I pray you rebuild and prepare to be the vessel of His presence and glory that we may prepare for Yeshua’s imminent return! May this be the year!!


Rabbi Eric S Carlson